Hot Stone Relaxation Therapy


Stone massage is a unique connection we experience with nature, offering a sense of profoundness and sacredness that we too often forget. It’s a deep healing and unique moment that enhances our awareness and brings us closer to our true essence.

Hot Stone Relaxation Therapy involves the use of heated basalt stones that glide across the body, and as the heat penetrates deep into the muscles it soothes and melts away the layers of tension and stress. Heat has a sedative effect on the nervous system and increases circulation of blood and lymph. The stone weight, warmth, and rhythmic flow of the massage will leave you in a deep state of relaxation. The stones not only bring warmth, but also act as a magnetic force which can draw out repressed emotions. Dealing with those newly surfaced emotions may help enhance your health.


Hot Stone massage will help with:

  • Muscular aches, pains, sprains, and strains.
  • Poor circulation.
  • Rheumatic and arthritic conditions.
  • Fibromyalgia and MS.
  • Stress, Anxiety and Tension.
  • Insomnia and Depression.

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