Here are some links to other Web sites that I’ve found to be useful and which might be of use to you too:

A New Bite is another site of mine. A certified eating psychology coach, is someone who can help your relationship with food. Eating is an important part of everyone’s daily life.  Without food you won’t survive for long.  In this day and age the simple task of eating has become very complicated and very confusing. Everywhere you look, everything you read, someone has the best diet for you. The information is sometimes contradicting. One professional may tell you to stay away from gluten and dairy, the other may tell you to include dairy for strong bones. Who to believe? As a Certified Eating Psychology Coach, I can help you make eating a part of life that is fun, less stressful and enjoyable
Liv Healthy was created to inspire you to be proactive about your health and your impact on the environment. Living Healthy is simple, and should be fun! Liv Healthy provides you with access to great resources and information to help you along your path to health & wellness.
We are an inspiring new studio in the heart of South-West Hamilton. The Yoga Path teachs Hatha Yoga in the style of B.K.S. Iyengar. Our schedule offers Pre-Natal, Adult, and Kids Yoga, as well as specialty workshops for both Yoga and Meditation. We welcome those new to Yoga as well as experienced practicioners.
For the Web’s best writers and publishers. Our Free Article Directory has been in business now for over 2 years and we are still striving to provide you with the best article directory experience possible, whether you are writer, publisher or information seeker. [Articles on massage.]
50plus_Health is the leading Canadian Internet portal for Zoomers – the 14.5 million Canadians who are 45+. [Health newsletter.]
Hands-On Heath: The Healing Benefits of Massage. By Nicky Pilkington. The healing power of human touch is a positive experience that many people enjoy through therapeutic massage or bodywork. The effects of a good massage go much deeper than the skin’s surface.
Our ice is synthetic and great for developing skills and having fun playing hockey. It doesn’t need to be refrigerated, making it much less expensive to maintain — no energy costs, no Zamboni — and that’s how YOU SAVE TOO.

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