This section describes the experiences of people who’ve come to me for one or more therapeutic sessions. I invite everybody’s comments. If you would like to have your own testimonial on this Web site, please send it to me in an email message or give it to me on a piece of paper.

I have been treated by Ani since summer of 2009. I see her once every two to three weeks for a massage and she has been my saving grace. I suffer from tension headaches on a regular basis sometimes to the point of being debilitating. If I don’t get ‘my fix’ from Ani, I really feel a difference in my quality of life. Ani is friendly, personable and very skilled in pinpointing areas of my body that need attention. She has been a wealth of information for me and has been the best massage therapist that I have seen. And believe me – I have seen a lot! I would highly recommend her.

Jennifer C., 11/17/2013

It happened over two years ago at the Driftwood Bay Chalet in the Kawarthas, just outside of Apsley. My wife, Michelle, and I had found this nice spot to relax at with some friends and family. Among its other amenities is a pool table. I’m something of an afficianado, and I tend to get a bit obsessive over such things, so I ended up on my feet playing far more pool that I probably should have. I enjoyed myself, but I found that my feet got very sore. After our stay, I discovered that both of my big toes were actually a bit numb. I didn’t know what to make of this.

On returning home to Burlington, I did two things. First, I booked an appointment with Jonathan at the Burlington Family Foot Clinic. Second, I decided that I’d give reflexology a try.

At the clinic, I discovered that I needed orthotics because of the way some tendons in my feet worked (or didn’t work) and that the numbness had been caused by this condition, calluses that had built up on the bottom of my toes, and the amount of standing I’d done.

For the reflexology, I went to see Annie. She was working for somebody else then, but she came highly recommended by Michelle for both massage and reflexology. I’ve been going to see Annie for reflexology on a regular basis since then. I used to go once a month, but have now changed that to twice a month.

My toes recovered after about six weeks. I can’t say if the reflexology contributed to that or not. I’m also not entirely certain if I’m able to notice specific differences in my body because of the regular reflexology. However, I am able to say that Annie is able to spot things that are going on that are quite accurate – stress, headaches, sinus congestion, and so on, all from what she feels from my feet. I’ve had an almost chronic issue that she always feels in my left shoulder and, recently, she hasn’t been able to spot it as much. I can’t say that I’ve noticed a problem there myself, but by now I’m pretty confident in her ability to detect some things, and I have to believe that these sessions are helping with that.

Physical issues aside, I fell in love with reflexology immediately. Why? Because I found it to be incredibly relaxing. As with almost everybody, I get stressed out at work, and probably with life in general. During the sessions, and after for some time, all of that goes away and I’m able to just relax. I think that this is pretty important and I would recommend it to everybody. Whether it be reflexology, massage, or something else, whatever it is that you can do to take time out and relax is something that’s well worth it – at least once a month.

While I almost always go for reflexology, I have had a massage on occasion (recently, I’ve actually started having my lower legs massaged before the reflexology). I have to say that this is also beneficial, and you notice all sorts of sore spots during this that you’d had no idea you had.

I’m not sure how Annie compares to other people in her line of work. To be honest, I don’t have any desire to find out. I’m perfectly happy going to her. Not only do I find her profesionally expert at what she does, she’s a great person to talk to – and she always sets the right ambiance. I would highly recommend her to anybody who’s looking for any of the services that she provides.

Jason Bassford, 7/13/2008

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